Services and Promotion

Types of Services

JZ Structural, Inc. is a structural engineering firm based in Alhambra.  We provide structural calculations and structural plans for residential and commercial buildings. We strive to provide high quality engineering work and to deliver within budget and on schedule.


For residential projects, we worked on patio, trellis, carport designs, ADUs (accessory dwelling units), remodeling, custom homes, luxury houses, hillside and homes and multi-units.


For commercial projects, we worked on warehouses, hotels, medical office buildings, parking structures and commercial mixed-use projects.  

Other types of projects include site retaining walls design, soft-story retrofit (division 93) and temporary shoring design.

Promotion Items

We are celebrating 10 years anniversary!!!  

To thank our family, friends and community, JZ Structural would like to promote some of the services as listed below:

A) Stamped Structural Calculations and Structural Plans for:

  • $800 for detached Carport

  • $900 for detached Garage

  • $800 for detached Gazebo/Trellis/Pergola/Patio

B) Stamped Structural Calculations and Structural Plans for under 1,000 SF ADU (accessory dwelling unit) addition

  • $900 for one-story detached ADU on flat land

  • $1,200 for 2-story detached ADU on flat land

C) Retaining Wall Design on traditional shallow footing (no pile/caisson & grade beam). Only provide stamped structural calculation & detail(s) - no plans included

  • $150 for less than 4 ft tall

  • $250 for between 4 ft to 6 ft tall